The Canine Cookery

Where Happy Healthy Dogs Started with HOMEMADE

The Canine Cookery Products

We have a variety of homemade goods for your dogs – dog food, packages, birthday cakes, jerky and treats!

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Dog Food & Packages

We offer dog food in 5 lb bags as well as a few packages that have treats or larger dog food.

Birthday Cake

Treat your dog with a birthday cake or “gotcha day” cake personalized with their name!

A Happy Pet is a Happy You!

Treats treats treats – and it’s healthy treats that your dog will love!

Radar w bandana looking up

Meet Radar – Our Success Story

Get to know a little about our success story and one of our rainbow pups. But with all that he went through, his vet said at one visit – “I am just amazed at how his bloodwork has turned around. It is amazing. I don’t know what you are doing…but, keep on doing it”.  I knew what it was. I had seen the changes in my other rescues. The changes were visibly noticeable. There was no doubt that good food makes all the difference! So, I took the vets orders and “Kept on doing it”.

“So our Sweet Boy, Asher… Will NOT eat regular food since having Canine Cookery, I tried feeding him just plain old dog food after running out by accident and he was NOT having it!  ”  ~Natalie Jones

The Canine Cookery

Pup Chef: Missy Martin

Delivers to the Bay Area, Tx

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