About The Canine Cookery

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About The Canine Cookery

There has rarely been a long period in my life when I didn’t have a dog. My first dog was at the age of 4. Sweetpea was a staple in our family and went with us on all of our ventures when I was growing up. He lived until I was 19. Although 15 years seems like a long time for dogs…don’t we wish that we all had more time with our dogs?

Later in life I started fostering dogs. I found that my heart is with senior dogs. Senior dogs are very hard to get adopted, made even more hard if they are not in good health. So, I found myself keeping some absolutely spectacular dogs that could not find a home!

The biggest challenge was finding dog food that was good for them…and some really needed help. So, I started studying what was good for dogs and what dogs ‘Super Foods’ are. When comparing the nutritional information that I had learned with my studying and the nutritional information on mainstream dog food labels, I realized that my dogs were eating mostly preservatives, additives and fillers that have zero nutritional value.

“Wow, my picky pups absolutely LOVE Canine cookery food. They are begging for more!!”  ~Sheri Muse

This is where it all began. Thankfully I had some resident “Taste testers” and brought all the ingredients to the chopping board. Carefully selecting what ingredients were going to be in the food and making sure that the taste testers approved at a unanimous approval rate. There were a couple of ‘not so good’ batches and some tweaks made before I got 2 paws up from each resident! That was 7 years ago, and they still go into a food frenzy when it is feeding time!

What makes my heart smile is that there was a total turnaround on all of my dog’s health, skin, mobility and energy. As each one would have their bloodwork redone at the vet…the changes were obvious. This only meant that I would have more time with each of them! This is what we all wish that we had, right?

After my friends and family wanted to try it for their dogs and them loving it and wanting more, I decided to make it a business and try to get as many dogs as healthy as I could. I have kept the prices affordable so that more dogs can reap the benefits of good, healthy dog food and treats. Because Happy, Healthy Dogs Start with Homemade at The Canine Cookery!

“Our bulldog Ozzy absolutely loved Missy’s homemade dog food! Would recommend 100x”  ~Tharasa Byers

The Canine Cookery

Pup Chef: Missy Martin

Delivers to the Bay Area, Tx

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Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm

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