Radar’s Corner

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The Story of Radar

Radar was found wandering in a storage facility on September 7, 2015. He was almost completely blind and his teeth were dull nubs from chewing the fleas that he was covered in.

It took Radar about a month to decompress. One evening I was in the kitchen cleaning up from dinner and in walked Radar wagging so hard that his entire body was wagging. He had the most heartwarming smile that would take up his whole face. I asked him if God had let him know that he was safe and this was his home. This is when Radar started to train me. I asked him to sit. He sat and lifted his paw. I said “Oh…you know how to shake”. I shook his paw and he lifted his other paw. I then shook the other paw. He then laid down (all the way down) with his chin to the floor. After I acknowledged that he knew how to lay down…he rolled over! Yup, he knew how to roll over. He then sat back up and barked. I asked “Do you know how to speak?” He then let out another bark, so I knew that he could “speak”! Radar had now trained me on all of the tricks that he knew. Someone had loved Radar at one time. But, I had exhausted every outlet in trying to find his owners. He was home.

Although Radar quickly lost his eyesight, he never let it slow him down. He would count his steps and could easily maneuver around. One day, however, he miscounted his steps and ran into the hearth on the fireplace, rupturing his eye. I was horrified. Radars first trip to the vet showed that his blood work was not good. I was so concerned that he would not do well with a major surgery, or worse, that they would not be able to do the surgery at all.

Radar had been on the homemade dog food and dog treats that I had been making for all of my dogs, since I got him. I visibly saw that his fur was fuller and softer, his mobility was better and he had gained and maintained a healthy weight. I still was not sure if his bloodwork had improved.

I got Radar to the vet. And the first thing that they did was take his blood. Radar and I waited in the room and I prayed. After a while, the vet came into the room and had a blank look on his face. My heart sank, thinking the worst. I asked if everything was Okay. He answered with “I am just amazed at how his bloodwork has turned around. It is amazing. I don’t know what you are doing…but, keep on doing it”

I knew what it was. I had seen the changes in my other rescues. The changes were visibly noticeable. There was no doubt that good food makes all the difference! So, I took the vets orders and “Kept on doing it”.

Take a Minute to Paws…

We just wanted to share some of The Canine Cookery dogs that we have lost to the other side of the rainbow. Please join us in a minute to ‘paws’ and remember them.

“Our bulldog Ozzy absolutely loved Missy’s homemade dog food! Would recommend 100x”  ~Tharasa Byers

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